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World Suicide Prevention Day: Read our Joint Statement & Toolkit

September 10, 2023

Two key resources

In 2023, IGLYO has partnered with GAMIAN-Europe and IASP's LGBTQA+ Special Interest Group for a project aimed to raise awareness on LGBTQIA+ Mental Health and Suicidality, specifically focusing on young people.

This partnership involved orchestrating two online workshops, bringing together a diverse group of LGBTQIA+ individuals from various backgrounds, all of whom grapple with severe mental health issues and suicidality. The primary objective of these workshops was to delve deeply into the underlying risk factors, aiming to comprehend and analyse them comprehensively. Concurrently, the workshops sought to identify practical strategies for mitigating and preventing such risks.

As a result, on the occasion of World Suicide Prevention Day 2023, we are releasing two new resources:

  • A Joint Statement, in which we put forward policy recommendations tailored for stakeholders invested in addressing the significant disparities in suicidality and severe mental health challenges that disproportionately affect LGBTQIA+ youth;
  • A Toolkit, meant as a resource for everyone interested in finding answers and solutions when it comes to LGBTQIA+ youth mental health and suicide awareness.

We warmly invite you to delve into these two resources and share them widely with your own networks.

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