Once IGLYO, always IGLYO:
Meet our Alumni  Network

Did you say Alumni?

Launched at IGLYO’s 35th Anniversary celebration in 2019, our Alumni Network consists of people who participated in, contributed to, or led IGLYO’s work and activities some time over the last 39 years and still want to be in touch or involved with IGLYO.

Concretely, our Alumni are past event participants, former Board or staff members, previous project partners, etc.

Building everlasting memories

The Alumni receive a dedicated newsletter several times a year to know at a glance the latest news about IGLYO, and can be consulted at times on specific topics.

The Alumni network also includes an optional Alumni Working Group, which focuses on two topics : The development of the Alumni Network itself, as well as the preparation of IGLYO’s 40th Anniversary and other celebrations. The Alumni Working Group meets online 3 or 4 times a year to share ideas and advance these two topics.

The  perks 
of being an Alumni

Becoming an IGLYO Alumni is a perfect way for you to:

  • Stay in touch with all your IGLYO friends and allies
  • Stay informed of IGLYO’s work and activities
  • Stay updated on the further development of the international LGBTQI+ youth movement
  • Stay involved in the governance and work of the IGLYO Alumni Network by joining the Alumni Working Group (optional)
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Meet some of our Alumni

Stay tuned — the testimonies from our current Alumni will be added shortly!

Become an Alumni!

IGLYO played a role in your life and you’re missing your IGLYO friends ? You’re just one form away from being an Alumni!

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Any questions  
about our Alumni?

Email our Communications & Network Manager Jeremy (he) at jeremy@iglyo.com for any questions related to the Alumni network.