Did you know?

Of all age groups, LGBTQI young people are the most vulnerable within the LGBTQI community. In Europe:

  • 43% of LGBTQI young people experience bullying at school.
  • 12% of LGBTQI young people have experienced homelessness or housing difficulties.
  • A third of LGBTQI young people have experienced at least one physical or sexual attack.
  • Only 5% of 15-17 year-olds and 11% of 18-24 year-olds are very open about being LGBTQI.
Group picture of participants of an IGLYO Activist Academy.
Group picture of Members at the IGLYO Annual Members' Conference Valletta 2016.

Why donate to IGLYO?

IGLYO is the only international organisation specifically focusing on the rights of LGBTQI young people. We’ve been around since 1984 and have unique access to decision-makers. What makes our strength is that we foster sustainable change: We fight for the rights of LGBTQI young people, while helping them to fight for their own rights too!

By donating to IGLYO, you will allow more participants from across the globe to attend our activities. You’ll also contribute to making education systems safer for LGBTQI young people, to easing their access to healthcare, and to combating hate-crime and hate-speech.

Curious about where your money goes? Below is an exact breakdown of what we use donations for.

Where does your money go ?

37.8% of the donation goes to
& Research

Our Advocacy work focuses on strengthening LGBTQI youth rights, fighting for equality and inclusion, and representing the intersectional needs of LGBTQI young people within international, European, and national policy and legal mechanisms. We specifically focus on LGBTQI Inclusive Education, Health, and Hate-Crime & Hate-Speech.

Donations notably help us to advocate for making education environments safer for LGBTQI young people, granting them easier access to health care, and combating hate crime and hate speech.

Picture of a Member holding a workshop on LGBTQI activism in Hungary at the Annual Members' Conference Brussels 2022.
34.6% of the donation goes to
Capacity building

Empowering LGBTQI young people is on top of our objectives. We train, support, and build the capacity and skills of LGBTQI youth organisations, activists, leaders, and volunteers to represent, advocate on behalf of, and serve our communities more effectively, influencing sustainable societal change and increasing the visibility of our movements.

IGLYO covers all costs for young people attending our events and programmes (travel, accommodation, food). Donations help us to get more participants from across the globe to attend our activities, especially young people who do not usually have the opportunity to engage in capacity building activities.

Picture of two participants of the Health & Advocacy Conference Zagreb 2022 learning together at a table.
17.5% of the donation goes to

None of our work would be possible without our incredible Member Organisations. We use donations to ensure the voices of our Members — that is LGBTQI youth from across the Council of Europe Region — are heard and listened to.

We bring them to spaces with decision-makers and create cross-cultural exchange by acting as an interlocutor between organisations. We also bring Members together for the Annual Members' Conference, where they shape the future of IGLYO.

Group picture of the participants of the Annual Members' Conference Edinburgh 2018.
5.3% of the donation goes to

Just like you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs, you can’t run an NGO without operating costs. This is about the basic stuff: Rent, desks, computers, office chairs, internet, and all the things needed to house a small team of 10 people.

Picture of a Member at the registration desk of the Annual Members' Conference Brussels 2022.
3.7% of the donation goes to

Administration has a bad reputation, but it is absolutely vital to the efficient and safe running of an LGBTQI youth organisation. This keeps our records in order, our clocks ticking, and our Board, Staff and Members safe.

What do we mean by administration? Say a member of our staff has to go to an important meeting in the Council of Europe to advocate for LGBTQI youth rights; someone has to book the train ticket, file the receipt away, and ensure that the receipt is easily findable on our server when it comes to financial reporting. This is one small example of admin — and it is absolutely vital!

Picture of a hand handing a laniard with the previous IGLYO logo on it at the Annual Members' Conference Brussels 2022.
1.1% of the donation goes to
& Finance

Governance, fundraising and finance refers to activities which keep IGLYO compliant when it comes to being a Belgian-based organisation, and to the small investment we make into finding new funding streams. This covers costs like Board Meetings, as well as some communications and campaigns.

Picture of someone writing in a notebook at the Annual Members' Conference Brussels 2022.

Make a change

Every contribution counts! You’re only 5 minutes away from making an everlasting change in the LGBTQI youth landscape.

Our current goal is to reach €5,000 to brighten the future of LGBTQI young people. Will you be the hero of the day?


IGLYO supported  them


After graduating from the Global Online Activist Academy 2023, I was empowered with new advocacy skills and tools to amplify the struggle for LGBTQI+ equality in Namibia. Part of which was inviting Vice World News down to Namibia to raise my community's visibility and share with the world how vibrant and proudly Queer and African we are. Visibility is our community's greatest weapon against state-sanctioned homophobia in Namibia and across Africa. Thanks to IGLYO's support, I am able to uplift queer advocacy in Namibia till freedom rings.

They/them, 26 years old

I really loved IGLYO’s Global Online Activist Academy 2022. I learned a lot, especially about social media campaigns and how to create safe and useful content for the LGBTQI+ community in Indonesia. I also enjoyed connecting and building a new network with young LGBTQI+ activists around the world. Thank you IGLYO!

He/him, 24 years old

It was because of IGLYO that I felt empowered to keep on growing as an activist regardless of my nationality, country of residence, age and experience. IGLYO also taught me the importance of all levels of LGBTQ+ activism, from individual to global, all the while giving me the tools to think critically and act in an impactful yet responsible way.

She/They, 22 years old

Taking part in IGLYO's Activist Academy Bucharest 2022 has helped me to be aware of who I am, and what can I do for my community.

She/her, 30 years old

IGLYO provided me with a supportive community and valuable resources that helped me to amplify my voice and advocate for LGBTQI rights in my country. I'm grateful for the opportunities they provided me with and I fully endorse their mission to empower LGBTQI youth activists worldwide.

He/him, 24 years old

Thanks to IGLYO, I found an international community of friends that inspire me in my activism. In 2022, I took the resources, the feedback and the advice I received during the Activist Academy Bucharest 2022 and the Health & Advocacy Conference Zagreb 2022 and was able to deliver better events for my local queer community.

Any pronouns
Romania, 30 years old

Help us to raise funds!

Giving money is not the only way to support our activities : You can also help us to raise funds by organising an event, campaign or action in aid of IGLYO. Pub quiz, movie night, lavish dinner, sponsored marathon — the sky's the limit!

Are you up for the challenge? Drop a line to our Communications & Network Officer Toryn (she/her) at toryn@iglyo.org and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Any questions
about donations?

For any questions related to private donations or corporate funding, just drop a line to our Executive Director Bella FitzPatrick (she/her) at bella@iglyo.org.