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At IGLYO, we work closely with our Members and partners to design and implement programmes and initiatives that meet the needs of LGBTQI young people.

We advocate for LGBTQI young people’s rights, build the capacity of our Members and partners to better serve their youth communities, and provide a platform for LGBTQI youth to connect and share experiences.

Advocate - Empower - Connect


We work to strengthen LGBTQI youth rights, ensure equality and inclusion, and represent the intersectional needs of LGBTQI young people. We achieve this within international, European, national and local policy and legal mechanisms.

If you want us to get involved with any of your events or participate in any of your Advisory Committees, or if you need help with any situation going on in your country or local context, please get in touch with our Policy & Research Manager Rú Ávila Rodríguez (they/them) at ru@iglyo.com.

Our advocacy activities


Thematic Research

We benchmark legal and policy standards as well as the actual situation of LGBTQI youth on topics like inclusive education, health, sports, or bias-motivated hate crime and hate speech.

LGBTQI Inclusive Education Research

IGLYO advocates on an international, European and national level for safer and more inclusive educational environments. Our LGBTQI Inclusive Education website includes a Map, Report and Index of the current situation in Council of Europe Member States, as well as insightful resources.

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External Representations

We represent IGLYO in international conferences, high-level meetings and other relevant policy events, where we advocate for youth representation and inclusive education policies, and highlight the importance of including young people when tackling violence and discrimination against LGBTQI people.


We regularly meet with other international organisations and institutions to provide our input to open consultations. These include UNESCO, WHO, the Council of Europe, the European Commission, the Fundamental Rights Agency, the European Parliament Intergroups on LGBTQI Rights and on Children’s Rights, and many more.

Advocacy Capacity Building and Impact

We improve the capacities of our Members and local organisations to engage with rights mechanisms and increase their advocacy impact through organising events, running advocacy communication campaigns, increasing political communication, writing briefings, translating research data into concrete recommendations, and more.

Capacity building

We train, support, and build the capacity and skills of LGBTQI youth organisations, activists, leaders, and volunteers to represent, advocate on behalf of, and serve our communities more effectively, influencing sustainable societal change and increasing the visibility of our movements.

Our capacity-building activities


Yearly Themed International Conference

Our yearly themed conferences gather groups of 25-30 selected young LGBTQI activists from across the Council of Europe Region for a 5-day programme on crucial topics for LGBTQI youth. The aim is to equip them with knowledge, skills and proactive attitudes concerning their rights, and provide them with a structured opportunity to build international connections.

In-Person and Online Activist Academy

The Activist Academy is our flagship training programme for LGBTQI young people. Whether online or in person, participants team up to take part in various expert-led workshops. They then attempt 2 challenges to apply the skills they learned, while receiving feedback from Mentors and Judges.

See our past Activist Academies

Online Skills Workshops

Throughout the year, we organise four online interactive workshops to build the skills of young LGBTQI activists. We always consult with our Members and audiences beforehand to decide on the skills/themes which best support their activism.

IGLYO Grants Programme

Starting in 2023, IGLYO provides a defined number of €10,000 grants for projects implemented by selected Member Organisations.

In addition to financial assistance, we support selected grantees with our expertise as they design and implement their projects.


We foster international cooperation across Europe and beyond by maintaining and growing an engaged, connected, and well-functioning pan-European network of LGBTQI youth organisations and activists, which facilitates peer-learning and support.

Our engagement activities


Annual Members’ Conference (AMC)

The AMC, a.k.a. the largest international LGBTQI youth gathering in Europe, is a key moment for our Members to meet new faces, take part in insightful workshops led by other Members, and shape the future of IGLYO by casting their vote on statutory issues, and electing new Board Members.

See our past AMCs

Online Networking Opportunities

We offer various international networking opportunities at our online and on-site events, as well as on our IGLYO website, through which our Members, participants and followers are invited to connect with each other and build long-lasting international collaborations.

Platforming our Members

We strive to increase the visibility of our Members’ work and activities by regularly sharing their updates on our website, newsletter and social media channels, and directly sending them targeted opportunities from other Members and the wider LGBTQI youth sector.

Building and Developing the Network

IGLYO proactively identifies and approaches potential new Members, Friends and Partners to ensure the network continues to grow and develop. We also work with existing Members to ensure they develop youth participation within their work, and provide progression routes for younger, less experienced activists.

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