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September 10, 2023

Joint Policy Statement on LGBTQIA+ Mental Health & Suicidality

About this statement

On the occasion of World Suicide Prevention Day 2023, we are launching a joint statement together with GAMIAN-Europe and IASP's LGBTQA+ Special Interest Group.

The complex interaction among different factors affecting mental health challenges and the severity of suicidality, particularly among LGBTQIA+ youth, creates a compelling power dynamic and intricate causal relationship. A range of of societal and structural level factors places this specific population in an even more delicate position when facing issues like severe mental health challenges and heightened suicidality rates, surpassing those of their cisgender and heterosexual peers.This highlights the need to urgently explore the escalating risk factors that contribute to worsening mental health challenges and suicidality.

To address these pressing challenges, we have embraced a distinct and effective methodology. This involved orchestrating two online workshops, bringing together a diverse group of LGBTQIA+ individuals from various backgrounds, all of whom grapple with severe mental health issues and suicidality. The primary objective of these workshops was to delve deeply into the underlying risk factors, aiming to comprehend and analyse them comprehensively. Concurrently, the workshops sought to identify practical strategies for mitigating and preventing such risks.

The culmination of these efforts has yielded a set of actionable policy recommendations tailored for stakeholders invested in addressing the significant disparities in suicidality and severe mental health challenges that disproportionately affect LGBTQIA+ youth.

Read our full joint statement to find out more about our methodology and policy recommendations.

We also invite you to delve into our Toolkit on LGBTQIA+ Youth Mental Health & Suicidality, which was developed as part of this partnership as well.

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