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June 12, 2022

The Together Statement

It is with great excitement that we share the Together Statement! The Together Statement is a democratically-formed collective statement created by LGBTQI+ youth activists and organisations around the world. This first statement was formed at The Together Conference in December 2021, focusing on the Central Asia and Europe region. It details the greatest problems, solutions, and recommendations facing LGBTQI+ youth today in the five key areas of Education, Employment, Health, Housing, and Political Participation.

The purpose of the Together Statement is to provide key stakeholders with a call to action directly from the voices of LGBTQI+ youth and organisations. This Statement shows that LGBTQI+ youth are ready and resilient in the face of numerous barriers as they lead a collective path forward for the movement.

After many months of collaboration, we invite you to read and explore the recommendations and calls to solidarity. The development of this document has been a collaboration between global LGBTQI+ organisations and youth activists, and would not have been possible without the tireless work of a global network of LGBTIQ youth, particularly The Kazakhstan Feminist Initiative Feminita, The Global Queer Youth Network, Kyrgyz Indigo, IGLYO, ILGA World, ShoutOut, and The Global Center.

We invite you to read and endorse The Together Statement below, which you can do anonymously.

We also invite you to share The Together Statement within your network and use it as a tool for advocacy. To find out more about the process of creation of this document you can explore content from The Together Conference held in 2021 here.

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