Position paper
Policy brief
Published on
July 20, 2023

No, UK, Schools Should Not Out Trans & Non-Binary Young People to their Parents

Schools should be a safe place for everyone

We are very concerned to hear that the UK Education Secretary has said schools must out trans and non-binary young people to their parents.

Where families are unaccepting this could lead to family rejection and abuse. Schools should be a safe place where young people can be themselves, learn, and grow free from discrimination and harassment. This policy is the result of an extreme anti-trans movement within the UK.

According to the Convention of the Rights of the Child "every child has the right to their identity" (article 8), "every child has the right to privacy", (article 16), and every child has a right to think and believe what they choose (article 14).

This policy directly goes against the rights of the child and will lead to many trans and non-binary young people internalising shame and self-doubt, leading to poor mental health.

Young people know themselves and should not be outed to potentially unaccepting parents. This applies to gender identity as much as to sexual orientation.

Bella Fitzpatrick
IGLYO Executive Director

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