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Published on
June 14, 2024

Save the Children's EU Policy Guide to Driving Change for Children in 2024-2029

About this Guide

IGLYO welcomes Save the Children’s latest guide for EU policymakers, designed to inform and shape policies affecting children across Europe. Given the recent EU election results, the changes in the EU Parliament, and the accompanying national elections across Europe, prioritising children’s rights and protection is more crucial than ever.

This comprehensive guide provides EU policymakers and civil society organisations with valuable recommendations and guidelines for safeguarding and promoting children’s rights at national, European, and international levels. Key areas of focus include:

  • Protection of migrant and refugee children
  • Addressing child poverty and social exclusion
  • Ensuring digital safety
  • Tackling climate issues
  • Upholding children’s rights in EU accession countries
  • Facilitating child participation in decision-making
  • Integrating children’s rights in EU funding and governance
  • Enhancing international cooperation and development
  • Supporting children in conflict situations
  • Promoting children’s health and nutrition for better survival

At IGLYO, we are equally committed to supporting two of Save the Children’s ambitious goals for 2030: ensuring all children receive a high-quality basic education and eradicating violence against children.

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