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Published on
April 6, 2022

IGLYO Statement on UK Conversion Therapy Ban

As part of an ongoing assault on the rights of trans and non-binary people, the UK Government announced their intentions that an upcoming law on so-called “conversion therapy” will not cover gender identity, as it had been initially foreseen, but will only apply to the ground of sexual orientation. The government’s own data illustrates that trans and non-binary people are the most vulnerable groups when it comes to such harmful practices. As this data shows, trans and non-binary youth are particularly affected; 4% have undergone “conversion therapy” and 10% have been offered such an intervention.

It should be noted that young members of ethnic minorities are disproportionately at risk of such treatment. Disregarding this evidence, the UK government has made its intentions clear that it condones the continuous abuse of trans and non-binary people.

IGLYO joins our members working tirelessly on the ground in condemning this new attack on the human rights of trans as well as non-binary people and calls for an immediate ban of so-called “conversion therapy” for all. The community of UK LGBTQI organisations has demonstrated unity in face of this abhorrent decision and almost immediately withdrew their support for this Summer’s government-led “Safe To Be Me” conference which, in the meantime, has been cancelled in a reaction to this boycott.

What can you do?

  • Read the statement by the LGBT+ Consortium here.
  • Our member Mermaids has prepared a form where you can ask your MP to act now.

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