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IGLYO Grants 2024 | Call for EU-Based Members

Application deadline:
17 March 2024
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About the Open Call


IGLYO — The International LGBTQI Youth & Student Organisation is the world’s largest LGBTQI Youth and Student member-based organisation, counting more than 115 Member Organisations in 39 countries across the Council of Europe Region. 

IGLYO’s mission is to advance the rights of LGBTQI youth, fight for equality and inclusion, and empower LGBTQI youth voices through international training and events, thematic research and advocacy campaigns, online tools and resources, networking activities, and more.

IGLYO is excited to announce the opening of the second edition of its IGLYO Grants Programme, or “Financial Support to Third Parties”, as funded by the CERV Programme 2021-2027 of the European Commission. 

This grant scheme is open only to IGLYO’s Member Organisations registered in European Union Member States. The reason why IGLYO Grants 2024 is only open to IGLYO Member Organisations based in the EU is because this project is funded by the European Commission. IGLYO acknowledges that a large part of its membership is based outside of the EU, and we are therefore working to find ways to receive funding from other sources for this programme, and extend the Grants Programme beyond the EU in the future.

Please make sure to read both the open call and the Terms & Conditions (further down the page) and send your application through this application form by 17 March 2024. You can also download both in this PDF Document.

About the Grants Programme

In early 2023, we were thrilled to launch our new IGLYO Grants Programme, as a continuation of our Mentoring Project 2021/2022. The aim is to increase IGLYO’s impact by supporting our Members’ activities on the ground, as well as their work directly addressing the needs of local communities. 

Building on our first grant cycle in 2023, IGLYO will provide further grants for 3 new projects implemented by our Member Organisations in 2024. In addition to financial assistance, IGLYO will support the grantees with expertise in the areas of: 

  1. Contributing to more inclusive education systems;
  2. Counteracting the anti-gender movement;
  3. Strengthening accessibility.

Moreover, IGLYO aims to build the capacities of grantees in managing and reporting projects funded by donors.

Through this call, IGLYO’s Member Organisations registered in the EU are invited to submit simple concept proposals for projects in one of the three streams described below. If your project is pre-selected by IGLYO, you will be asked to submit a more detailed proposal. After this second round of applications, IGLYO will select one project for each of the three streams. 

The proposals can be for initiatives or activities complementing other projects that the organisations already implement.

Topic areas to be addressed

Your project proposal needs to address one of the following topics:

Stream 1: Contributing to more inclusive education systems 

Your project can include activities such as:

  • advocacy work;
  • research on bullying;
  • capacity-building of school faculties or other education professionals;
  • awareness-raising of students;
  • drafting inclusive policies or curricula;
  • campaigning for inclusive schools. 
  • other activities in line with the topic.

Stream 2: Counter-acting the anti-gender movement, with a focus on anti-trans and anti-intersex discourse 

Your project can include activities such as: 

  • capacity-building of grassroots and national NGOs in contrasting the anti-gender discourse;
  • awareness-raising of the general public regarding trans and intersex rights (e.g. debunking myths spread by the anti-gender discourse);
  • advocacy campaigns against hostile legislation;
  • alliance-building of human rights movements;
  • other activities in line with the topic.

To apply for this stream, your organisation needs to be trans- and/or intersex-led.

Stream 3: Strengthening accessibility 

Your project can include activities such as 

  • an accessibility audit to understand the pitfalls of your organisation as well as the needs of your membership and (potential) target audience;
  • awareness-raising and training of NGO staff and volunteers about accessibility;
  • the implementation of measures to make your activities and offices more accessible;
  •  alliance-building with groups led by and representing people with disabilities.
  • other activities in line with the topic.

Type of activities eligible for funding

Within each of the thematic streams described above, your project should include a number of activities among the ones listed below.

The IGLYO Grants Programme aims to support the work of Member Organisations in the most effective and efficient way possible. This also means giving you flexibility and ownership in designing activities that work for your own context. This list of eligible activities does not aim to limit your creativity, but rather wants to give you some inspiration and some guidelines on how to build your proposal.


  • training for staff and volunteers
  • training for external stakeholders
  • awareness-raising activities
  • workshops
  • seminars
  • retreats
  • development of capacity-building assets (e.g. manual for training, resources…)

Policy, advocacy and campaigning

  • advocacy actions
  • research
  • writing briefs and reports
  • social media actions
  • media outreach
  • development of communication assets (e.g. brochures, posters, websites…)
  • development of advocacy assets (e.g. open letters, policy briefs…)

Organisational development

  • organisational assessment
  • consultancy projects

Community support

  • setting up supportive services
  • setting up community projects

Important practicalities before applying

More detailed information is provided in the annexed Terms and Conditions section (see below), which all applicants are required to read carefully and agree to. Nonetheless, here are some elements to already consider:

Eligible organisations

The Programme is open to IGLYO’s Member Organisations which cumulatively meet the following criteria:

  • be an IGLYO Member Organisation, or have been provisionally approved by IGLYO’s Board but have not been ratified by the Membership at the time of the call. If you are unsure whether your organisation is a Member, please refer to our full Members’ list here or contact our Communications & Network Officer Toryn at;
  • Commit to have all your membership dues and fees paid before agreeing on the final project proposal;
  • Be registered as a legal entity in a European Union Member State; 
  • Be active at the local, sub-national (regional) or national level;
  • Have an organisational bank account;
  • Be able to appoint a Project Coordinator who will work closely with IGLYO’s Programmes Team, thus increasing the capacity of your organisation to design, implement and evaluate projects; 
  • Have not received an IGLYO Grant in 2023.


The maximum amount of IGLYO’s financial assistance is €10,000 for each project.


  • 12/02/2024 - Day 1: Publication of the call, start of the first round of applications.
  • 29/02/2024 - Day 18: Online Info Session
  • 17/03/2024 - Day 35: Closing of the first round of applications.
  • 25/03/2024 - Day 43: Notification of the results of the first round of applications to a maximum number of 6 shortlisted candidates.
  • 26/03/2024 - Day 44: Opening of the second round of applications.
  • 11/04/2024 - Day 60: Closing of the second round of applications.
  • 15/04/2024 - Day 64: Notification of the results of the second round of applications.
  • 19/04/2024 - Day 68: Public announcement of the results.

Application form

Please carefully read the Terms and Conditions below and submit a proposal by filling in our Concept Proposal Form, before 17 March 2024 at 23:59 CET.

Info Session

On 29 February 2024 at 12-13:00 CET, IGLYO is organising an info session with Members based in the EU to explain in detail how the Grants Programme works, what we expect in the first and second rounds of applications, and to answer all your questions and doubts. If you are an IGLYO Member based in the EU, you can register for this session here.

Questions and contact 

If you have any questions, please write an email to Viola (she/her), IGLYO’s Programmes Manager, at

Terms and Conditions 

General conditions

IGLYO Grants Programme 2024 (the Programme) is a grant assistance opportunity provided by the International LGBTQI Youth and Student Organisation (IGLYO) to three of its Member Organisations (MOs) registered in one of the European Union Member States. 

The Programme takes place over 7 months and includes several online meetings, one visit from an IGLYO staff member, and financial support for the project implemented by the MO. The Programme is funded by the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) Programme 2021-2027 of the European Union.

By agreeing to participate in this Programme, the MOs and the assigned Project Coordinator will abide by the Programme and IGLYO regulations, in addition to complying with their national laws that may be relevant to their participation, such as, for example but not limited to: gathering in groups in public or private spaces, video/audio recording in public spaces, creating and visualising content that addresses LGBTQI issues, accounting, etc. 

Description of the Programme

The Programme is based on a simple format: 

Application (in two stages) and selection

First round of applications: 12/02/2024 - 17/03/2024

  • IGLYO launches a call for proposals within its network of MOs.
  • In the first round of applications, MOs can submit concept proposals using the form provided by IGLYO as part of the call. 
  • The proposals must describe an initiative that the MO will implement at the national or local level. 
  • The proposal must fall within one of the thematic streams described in the call above and the activities within the project must correspond to those listed in the call above. 
  • As part of the concept note, the MOs will identify key deliverables of the project.

Evaluation of the first round of applications: 17/03/2024 - 25/03/2024

  • The applications submitted are evaluated by a panel of experts composed by IGLYO Staff and Board members.
  • Based on the concept notes received, IGLYO will create a set of benchmarks for each of the three streams presented above, including precise indications of the evidence to be collected for each deliverable. 

Second round of applications: 26/03/2024 - 11/04/2024

  • IGLYO will invite up to two organisations per stream (max 6 in total) to submit a more detailed proposal. 
  • The proposal will include a revised list of deliverables based on benchmarks proposed by IGLYO and a lump-sum-based budget based on those benchmarks.

Selected projects announcement: mid-April 2024

  • After having reviewed the second version of the proposals, the evaluation panel will select one project per stream (three in total).
  • The MO and IGLYO will conclude an agreement detailing the conditions of the Grants Programme.

Implementation of the projects

  • The MOs whose proposals have been selected will be invited to designate a Project Coordinator.
  • The Project Coordinator will serve as a main liaison between IGLYO and the grant recipient (the MO) and will be responsible for the timely and effective implementation of the project activities and report.
  • IGLYO will offer technical assistance to the three MOs by working with their assigned Project Coordinators to plan, implement and monitor the projects, through regular online meetings and one visit by one IGLYO staff member.
  • IGLYO will provide the MOs with templates and tools for project monitoring and reporting.
  • IGLYO will offer financial assistance to the three selected MOs by means of a grant agreement, and will transfer 80% of the grant total amount as an advance. The remaining 20% will be transferred upon the submission and approval of the project report.
  • IGLYO will be flexible with regard to the disbursement of funds; the “80% advance/20% reimbursement” rule can be amended in specific situations or for MOs with lower financial capacity.
  • In case the completion of specific project deliverables cannot be achieved by the MO due to unexpected circumstances and events, the MO shall notify IGLYO as soon as possible, and IGLYO may amend the agreement with the MO accordingly.
  • One representative of IGLYO can travel to visit the MO before or during the implementation of the project, to provide further assistance, contribute to facilitation, help with the organisation, etc, and travel expenses will be covered by IGLYO.

Reporting and final payment

  • After the implementation of the project and at the latest by 15 November 2024, the Project Coordinator must submit 

    - a brief report with an evaluation of the benefits of participating in the Programme for the MO, using a template provided by IGLYO. 

    - a technical report with the evidence required to prove the fulfilment of the project benchmarks, using templates provided by IGLYO.
  • After the approval of the technical reporting, the final amount of the grant to be disbursed, and therefore the sum of the second instalment, will be calculated based on the benchmarks reached during the project. If the final amount of the grant is less than the 80% pre-financing, then the difference will have to be repaid to IGLYO.

Evaluation criteria

IGLYO will form a panel of at least three staff and Board Members, representing different departments and areas of expertise. Each panel member will evaluate the concept notes received according to the following indicators:

  • Quality of the proposal: is the concept note submitted in line with the instructions given in the application pack? Is the concept note logical, clear and complete? 
  • Relevance of the proposal for the stream chosen: is the project in line with the objectives and expected results of the stream?
  • Impact at the local and/or national level: what is the potential impact of the project proposed on the community, membership and target audience of the member organisation?
  • Benefit for the NGO: how much will the grantee benefit, in the short, medium and long term, from participating in the programme? 
  • Feasibility of the project: is it realistic to implement the project proposed within seven months and with a budget of €10,000?
  • Grassroots character: if the project targets a specific group, are people of that group involved in the organisation and in the design and implementation of the project?
  • Intersectionality and anti-racist approach: does the organisation and/or the project take an intersectional perspective? In particular, does the organisation work with and for BIPOC people? Does the project address racial discrimination along with LGBTQI+ issues?

Moreover, the evaluation panel will prioritise:

  • organisations which are new, volunteer-based, and do not have easy access to funding.
  • organisations working with and for BIPOC people or organising activities with an anti-racism angle.

Based on all these factors, the panel members will select a maximum of two organisations per stream to invite to submit a full proposal. The full proposals will be assessed according to the same procedure as the concept notes. 

Complaint Mechanism 

Applicants will be entitled to feedback relating to their evaluation both in the cases of successful applications and for unsuccessful applications. Should an applicant feel we have assessed their application unfairly they can submit an appeal to the IGLYO Board. The IGLYO Board represents the membership and will review the application process, giving a report back to the applicants within 3 weeks of receipt of the complaint.

Form of financial support

The grants disbursed by IGLYO are based on a lump-sum budget. 

MOs invited to the second round of applications will receive a list of deliverables, each one with specific benchmarks associated with lump sums. IGLYO will define the evidence necessary to prove the completion of different types of deliverables. The MO will select deliverables and benchmarks appropriate for their project, thereby building a lump-sum-based budget.

The maximum amount of financial support per project is €10,000.

IGLYO will make available to the implementing MO and the Project Coordinator a set of project monitoring tools which will be shared on an internet cloud service, as well as templates for the technical reporting of the project.

At the end of the project, the grant recipient will need to submit adequate evidence of the completion of all deliverables and benchmarks. The final instalment of the grant will be calculated based on those deliverables and benchmarks.

No financial report will be required by IGLYO. Nonetheless, the MO still needs to keep their accounts in order and guarantee orderly financial management of the grant. All the expenses will have to be done according to the law of the country where the MO is based. No illegal services/goods will be purchased by the MO, and IGLYO is not responsible if the purchase of the services/goods is not done in compliance with the national law of the country where the MO is based. 

Use of personal information

IGLYO will collect limited personal information from the people involved in the Programme application process. This information might include: full ID names, pronouns, email addresses, phone numbers.  This information will only be used so that the selection process is successful, by being able to contact the submitting MOs, ask for clarifications, negotiate the proposal and agree on the final version of the proposal to be implemented.

IGLYO may also collect limited personal information from the people involved in the Grants Programme activities and initiatives for the exclusive purpose of donor reporting and quantifying the results of the Programme. IGLYO will not use this information for any publicity or promotion or further contact with the participants. However, these provisions do not impact how IGLYO can use participants’ information in promotions and social media campaigns, as long as their consent is secured before promotions and social media campaigns are published.

Funded by

This grant scheme is open only to IGLYO’s Member Organisations registered in European Union Member States and is funded by the CERV Programme 2021-2027 of the European Union.

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