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Coming Out Museum Encounters: Turn Your Coming Out into Art!

Submission deadline:
31 March 2024
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About the Coming Out Museum

The Coming Out Museum (COME) is the result of a cooperation between our Croatian IGLYO Member Process – Association for the Promotion of Queer Culture and LGBTIQ+ Rights from Pula and the Ethnographic Museum of Istria from Pazin. COME collects and presents coming out stories of the worldwide LGBTIQ+ community.

The purpose of COME is to promote acceptance, social justice, and pride by sharing powerful narratives, fostering understanding, and advocating for a more inclusive and accepting society. They are dedicated in preserving the past, celebrating the present, and shaping the future by sharing a plethora of experiences of the LGBTIQ+ community.

COME strives to provide a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space – digitally and physically accessible. A space where you can explore and share stories, connect with a supportive community, find the courage to embrace your true self and start the incredible journey of coming out.

About the COME Encounters

Kicking-off in mid-June 2024, the Coming Out Museum Encounters is their first exhibiting project made of temporary and pop-up exhibitions. The first live exhibition, the first encounter, is planned at Gallery Novo in Pula, Croatia, as part of Pride Month celebrations.

As participation in the exhibition is open to everyone, our IGLYO Member Process invites you to participate and share your coming out stories through objects that symbolise important moments in that process and your story, and join them in this creation.

They also invite all artists to participate in the exhibition with their works, in various media and techniques, and with their creativity and experience to help with fostering dialogue and understanding of coming out.

How to contribute?

To contribute you can either:

  • Share a personal item (or more) and a short story that symbolise your coming out experience, or a turning point on your path to acceptance.
  • Submit an artwork on the theme of coming out. Submitted works can be realised in different media, techniques, and materials.


To submit, you can follow their instructions on the page through the button below. Good luck!

Learn more & Contribute

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