Bucharest Pagan Pride 2023

22-29 October 2023,
Bucharest (RO) & Online
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Bucharest Pagan Pride | Strengthening Paganism in Romania

Organised by our IGLYO Member THE NEW PAGAN DAWN, the Bucharest Pagan Pride is a movement dedicated to promoting Paganism in Romania and combating the discrimination and social exclusion of Pagans. The event, now in its second edition this year, provides a communal platform to explore Pagan traditions, and from 22-24 October and 26-28 October 2023, it hosts various workshops on topics such as the pagan queer approach. On 25 October 2023, a special fair for small Pagan merchants will take place, offering an opportunity to purchase and support local and artisanal products.

The central theme for this year is "Strengthening Paganism in Romania," a powerful message that underscores the community's efforts to defend its traditions and culture in the face of a history of persecution and discrimination. Through thematic workshops and events, participants will delve into this struggle and promote Pagan values in the context of the growing interest in Pagan spirituality.

Additionally, on 29 October 2023, the Bucharest Pagan Pride March (3rd Edition) will celebrate the visibility and history of the Pagan community in Romania through rituals and the commemoration of the past. This event will take place in the Alveola Media area, near the Grigore Antipa National Museum and the Metro Station, and will include a parade along the route Piata Victoriei – Calea Victoriei – Piata Universitatii – the area of the Statue of Mihai Viteazu.

The Bucharest Pagan Pride March is a significant moment for the Pagan community, marking 8 years of visibility and advocacy for their rights.This march is authorised by the General Mayor's Office of Bucharest, highlighting the official recognition of the event's importance in promoting religious and cultural diversity in the city. You can learn more on this page.

Support the Bucharest Pagan Pride!

Our Member THE NEW PAGAN DAWN is running a fundraiser for you to support them in securing suitable venues, inviting renowned speakers, and organising events that inspire and educate for the Bucharest Pagan Pride. Every amount is welcome, and your gesture will make a difference. Donate now.


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