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5 February 2024
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Calling all young LGBTQI BIPOC* siblings!

We, IGLYO — The International Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans, Queer and Intersex Youth and Student Organisation, are the leading youth development and leadership organisation working with LGBTQI young activists. With 115 Member Organisations situated in 39 countries in the Council of Europe region, we unite a great variety of individual and community experiences. You can learn more about IGLYO on

LGBTQI youth in the Council of Europe region hails from diverse ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds. IGLYO is aware of the intertwined realities of racism, LGBTQI-phobia, sexism, classism, ableism, and ageism that are part of the lived experiences of LGBTQI youth of colour. Due to this imperative, IGLYO Members demonstrated their commitment by voting at the Annual Members' Conference 2023 to establish an Anti-Racism Panel as a body of the organisation. 

Initiated by the IGLYO Board and endorsed by our paid working group the Anti-Racism Task Force, this motion aims to lay a robust foundation for anti-racism efforts within IGLYO. The panel will consist of 4 LGBTQI activists, including one coordinator from the Board, and three panel members. Each panel member will be mandated for a 3-year term, from March 2024 to the IGLYO AMC 2026, and will respectively be responsible for one of IGLYO's 3 key domains of activity: Advocacy & Research, Programmes, and Communications & Network (one panel member per domain). The work of Anti-Racism Panel Members is compensated with €2000 per year for an estimated workload of 40 Hrs/Year.

Being a member of the Anti-Racism Panel offers a unique learning experience, providing practical insights and in-depth understanding of European-level advocacy. This is not merely a role but a chance to be part of a creative and experimental space where ideas flourish and strategies for anti-racist advocacy and decolonial perspectives are institutionalised across various areas within the organisation and beyond. You will have the opportunity to observe and study the workings of IGLYO, and your involvement will not only empower you to make a positive impact but will also contribute to the broader mission of fostering a more just, equitable, and inclusive future for LGBTQI youth.

We extend a warm invitation to applicants to join our Anti-Racism Panel. Please read our full call carefully to learn more about the role, criteria, economic compensation and application procedure, and apply before 5 February 2024 at 23:59 CET.

*BIPOC stands for  Black, Indigenous, (and) People of Color and has been used as a commonplace term to group together diverse and different communities that may not necessarily have anything in common other than a shared yet unique experience of discrimination along ethnic, racial, and/or colonial axis of domination, and that the use of such term isn't meant to erase the richness of racial and ethnic diversity but to refer to individuals and communities affected by racism, colorism, and/or xenophobia when considering large-scale phenomena and structures of power.


Please read the full call through the button below and apply through the online application form provided in the call by 5 February 2024 at 23:59 CET:

Read the full call & Apply

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