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Celebrate 40 years of IGLYO with us!

2024 is IGLYO’s 40th anniversary year! In the coming months, we have lots of exciting projects planned, including hopefully publishing some of our archives to retrace IGLYO’s history, and culminating in celebrations at our Annual Members’ Conference 2024 in October.

As we begin to plan for our 40th Anniversary Celebration, we are asking for new Alumni to join our Alumni Network Database. As we turn 40, we’re looking to expand the expertise and experience involved in the network, and expand the experiences and identities represented within the network to help us celebrate IGLYO’s past, present, and future.

Have you been involved with IGLYO in the past and do you want to help us celebrate and be at the heart of that work? Read more about our Alumni Network below and join our Alumni Network Database!

What is the IGLYO Alumni Network?

Launched at IGLYO’s 35th Anniversary celebration in 2019, our Alumni Network consists of those who participated in, contributed to, or led IGLYO’s work and activities at some point over the last 39 years, and still want to be in touch or involved with IGLYO. Our Alumni network is made up of past event participants, former Board or staff members, previous project partners and others who have worked closely with IGLYO across our history.

The Alumni network also includes an optional Alumni Working Group, which focuses on two topics: The development of the Alumni Network itself, as well as the preparation of IGLYO’s 40th Anniversary and other celebrations. The Alumni Working Group meets online 3 or 4 times a year to share ideas and advance these two topics.

Who can become an Alumni?

To be eligible to join our Alumni network you should fit one of the below categories:

  • Former IGLYO Board Members (a.k.a. Bureau Members back in the days!)
  • Former members of the IGLYO Secretariat
  • Past participants in IGLYO events, programmes or activities 
  • Former IGLYO project partners

This is not an exhaustive list so if you’ve been involved in our work over the last 40 years in some other way and are considering applying you can email our Communications & Network Officer Toryn, at for clarification on your eligibility.

We are particularly looking for those from more marginalised communities who despite the odds helped to build IGLYO into the force for good it is today, including trans folk, people of colour, those in Eastern Europe, women, and intersex people.

Why register as an IGLYO Alumni?

There are many reasons why you may wish to join the Alumni Database. This could be one, some, or all of the below:

  • You wish to be kept up to date on IGLYO’s work and the work of the Alumni Network
  • You have materials you wish to share with the IGLYO team to add to our archives
  • You wish to be involved in ensuring IGLYO’s past is remembered and commemorated 
  • You wish to be involved in the running of the Alumni Network
  • You wish to be involved in celebrations of IGLYO’s history, such as the upcoming 40th anniversary celebrations
  • You wish to take part in Alumni reunions

Or many other reasons! The Alumni network is a catchall body designed to ensure that we hold onto IGLYO’s unique past and can celebrate our history with the individuals who made us what we are today.

Joining the Alumni Network Database is without engagement; you can just be registered in our database and let us know in the application form the reasons why you’d agree to be contacted by the IGLYO team!

How to register as an Alumni?

You can register for our Alumni Database by filling out this form. In the form, you’ll be asked what is your past connection with IGLYO, and whether you’re just interested in hearing from us occasionally, or if you’d be willing to contribute more specifically (e.g. sending us archive/photos from the past, helping us to retrace IGLYO's history, help in preparing the 40th Anniversary celebrations, etc.).

We’re looking forward to connecting with you!

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