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Donate to our IGLYO Friends in Uganda Facing Anti-Homosexuality Act

September 6, 2023

Support our siblings in Uganda!

Our Friends of IGLYO in Uganda urgently need your financial support!

The situation for LGBTQI people in Uganda has long been critical, with our local siblings being greatly discriminated against, experiencing stigmatisation, and being denounced by their families, to name a few.

In May 2023, the situation got worse with the enactment of the Anti-Homosexuality Act in Uganda, which outlaws ‘participating in, promoting, and facilitating acts of homosexuality’. This new law exacerbates the already existing marginalisation of LGBTQI people in the country, leading to our siblings losing their jobs, getting evicted and/or arrested, experiencing physical harm, being extorted — and the list goes on.

Our local Friends of IGLYO are a community-based organisation advocating for equal rights for minorities since 2018. Facing this new law, they have just launched a fundraiser for you to help them overcome the daunting challenges they are facing and support their endeavours to ensure the protection and safety of LGBTQI people and youth in Uganda.

The funds raised will among others go towards:

  • Legal services to LGBTQI people who have been jailed;
  • Paying for bond and bail fees;
  • Offering of temporary accommodation;
  • Medical attention to the injured;
  • Relocation and resettlement to safe destinations.

Every contribution counts — please donate to our Friends of IGLYO in Uganda and share their fundraiser widely!

This fundraiser is handled entirely by our Friends of IGLYO in Uganda. IGLYO is only acting as a dissemination partner of the fundraiser. IGLYO does not manage or have access to the fundraiser, and we do not handle donations received through the fundraiser.

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