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LGBTQI Youth Mental Health: Take our Survey & Join our Webinar!

November 8, 2023

Queer Youth Mental Health in the Spotlight

This month at IGLYO, we're putting a spotlight on our mental health as LGBTQI young people. It is time we voiced our needs as a united queer youth community and filled in the gaps in the research into our experiences and needs when it comes to our mental health.

With this in mind, we invite you to take our survey and join our webinar on the topic:

Take our Survey on LGBTQI Youth Mental Health by 4 December 2023

As LGBTQI youth, we often experience outsized barriers to enjoying our right to health. However, spoiler alert: There has been limited research into our experiences and needs, especially around mental health across the European region. For this reason, we are carrying out an anonymous survey designed for LGBTQI young people between 14 and 30 years old based in the Council of Europe Region. We want to contribute to filling this gap and ensuring that our needs as LGBTQI young people are considered and met when it comes to our mental health. 

The survey is entirely anonymous and should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Your experience and story as an LGBTQI young person can have a real impact for you and the whole community, no matter your experience with mental health! Take the survey.

Join our Webinar on LGBTQI Youth Mental Health on 6 December 2023

In addition to taking our survey, we warmly invite you to join our IGLYO Webinar "Navigating Queer Youth Mental Health & Fostering Resilience" on 6 December 2023 at 12:30-14:00 CET. Join us for an engaging and thought-provoking session as we work together to support each other as queer youth, strengthen our mental well-being, and create a brighter and more inclusive future for us all! Learn more and register.

We thank you in advance for taking part in either of these opportunities and contributing to improving the mental health of our communities!

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