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Meet Our New IGLYO Anti-Racism Panel!

March 28, 2024

About the IGLYO Anti-Racism Panel (ARP)

LGBTQI youth in the Council of Europe region hail from diverse ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds. IGLYO is aware of the intertwined realities of racism, LGBTQI-phobia, sexism, classism, ableism, and ageism that form part of the lived experiences of LGBTQI youth of colour. 

With this in mind, IGLYO Members demonstrated their commitment to creating a more welcoming organisation for BIPoC folk by voting at the Annual Members' Conference 2023 to establish a paid Anti-Racism Panel as a formal body within IGLYO. The existence of the ARP is enshrined within our statues, meaning that IGLYO is now mandated to ensure that this body is maintained within the organisation and supported appropriately.

Building on the legacy of the IGLYO Anti-Racism Task Force, the IGLYO Anti-Racism Panel functions as a pivotal paid advisory body within IGLYO, supporting both the Board and the Secretariat on matters related to racial equality and racial justice. Its responsibility encompasses multifaceted aspects, aiming to bridge gaps in IGLYO’s programming, documentation, communications, and advocacy & research initiatives, all with the overarching objective of forging a safer and more equitable future for LGBTQI BIPOC and ethnic minority youth and students across Europe.

The panel consists of 4 LGBTQI activists, including one coordinator from the Board, and three panel members. Each panel member has been appointed to a 3-year term, from March 2024 to the IGLYO AMC 2026, and will respectively be responsible for one of IGLYO's 3 key domains of activity: Advocacy & Research, Programmes, and Communications & Network. 

Following a successful call for applications, we are now proud to introduce you to the 3 selected members of the Anti-Racism Panel and their coordinator. Meet them below!

Meet the ARP Members!

Purity Tumukwasibwe (She/her), Sweden | ARP Member (Advocacy & Research)

Purity is a trans woman and trans rights activist, social scientist,  a board member of Transgender Europe and Rainbow Refugees Sweden,  a community building Specialist at queerstion media ( a BIPOC queers organisation in Sweden) model, and actress. 

She is the co-founder of  Refugee Trans Initiative in Kenya, and a co-founding member of Rainbow Refugees Sweden. Passionate about advocating for BIPOC trans immigrants in Europe, she also leads a BIPOC trans support group in Sweden funded by lebisk makt Sweden. “We deserve better and I believe that it’s a beautiful world if we advocate and win together”, says Purity.

Chougher Maria Doughramajian (She/her), Northern Ireland | ARP Member (Programmes)

Chougher was born and raised in Aleppo, Syria and is currently based in Belfast, N. Ireland. She is the president of Voices of Young Refugees in Europe, Vice-President of Voicify and Community Engaged Research & Learning Officer at Queen’s University Belfast. Chougher is an Obama Foundation leader and a committee member at Rainbow Refugees Northern Ireland. She was a member of IGLYO’s Anti-Racism Task Force in 2022 and 2023.

Chougher holds graduate and postgraduate qualifications from the American University of Armenia and the University of Toronto in Communications, Human Rights and Genocide Studies. She recently obtained a M.Phil. degree in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation at Trinity College Dublin, as a recipient of the prestigious Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship.

Chougher is a peacebuilder and an advocate for refugee rights and LGBTQ+ people, working to raise common concerns and strengthen capacities, in order to contribute to more inclusive societies in Europe, the Middle East and beyond.

Eppnoggia Mutetwa, Ireland | ARP Member (Communications & Network)

Eppnoggia is an Intersectional feminist, scholar, published author, poet and human rights and mental health activist. Their work speaks to various social ills, with focus on religion, race, gender, sexual orientation and sometimes politics. Their writings are meant to push people to feel uncomfortable with being conservative and spark conversations on topics that are usually silenced in mainstream media. Eppnoggia currently serves on the boards of The Fruit Basket and Purple Hand Africa and works as the Communications Admin Officer for Youth Work Ireland.

Eppnoggia believes academia, media representation and storytelling  are essential elements of advocacy. 

Yassine Chagh (He/They), Cyprus | ARP Coordinator & IGLYO Board Member

Yassine is a multidisciplinary activist focusing on a wide range of matters such as refugees' and migrants' rights, period poverty, sports, inclusive education, peacebuilding, anti-racism, and decolonisation — focusing on white saviourism, white supremacy, and tokenistic approaches — both within the LGBTQIA+ community and beyond. Yassine's expertise is derived from diverse lived experiences as an indigenous, migrant, person of colour/Black individual, as well as engagements with various local and global organisations and platforms such as UNFCYP, UNHCR, WOMEN WIN, Queer Cyprus, and more.

Yassine's favourite activities include sparking thought-provoking conversations, eating popcorn ice cream, and passionately advocating for their favourite animals—chickens and pigeons.


We give a warm welcome to the newly formed Anti-Racism Panel and very much look forward to working together!

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