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IGLYO Grants Stories: TransAkcija to Recreate their Communication Strategy

September 8, 2023

About this IGLYO Grants project

In 2023, IGLYO provided financial and technical support to 3 Member Organisations through our brand new IGLYO Grants Programme. Our Slovenian Member TransAkcija dedicated their IGLYO Grants 2023 project to creating a new visual identity and communication strategy for their organisation. 

After almost a decade of existence as a transfeminist organisation, TransAkcija believed that the growth and strengthening of the community would provide them with the potential to broaden their goals and areas of work, elevate their activities, and professionalise the organisation to improve their relevance within the local landscape of LGBT+ NGOs.

TransAkcija also believed that revitalising their identity and reinventing interaction approaches are key to stabilising their organisation. The holistic redesign enabled them to establish themselves as a fresh entity with crisp ambitions and demonstrate the broader context of the vision they are currently pursuing.

TransAkcija approached the redesign process as a community project. They wanted the new direction to reflect their individual and collective perspectives in the broadest yet most personal sense. By involving their team of staff, volunteers and expert collaborators from the trans community in the process, they aspired to also internally strengthen and empower their organisation.

Grant Amount & Budget: €10,000 | Duration: 15 May - 15 November 2023 | Target Groups: Staff, volunteers, and expert collaborators from the trans community

Some Highlights from TransAkcija's Journey

Photo of wo TransAkcija team members discussing the new TransAkcija colours in a workshop.

Finding their New Colours through Workshops | Summer 2023

From June 2023 onwards, TransAkcija's staff, volunteers, and collaborators were busy plotting, squatting, and tinkering with colours, fonts, levels of fluffiness, drape, and (un)readability. About that process, TransAkcija said:

"IGLYO has made it possible for us to re-energise this summer through a powerful bonding experience: Creating a new visual identity together, as a whole team. At the moment when we needed a common denominator the most, they heard us — and provided room."

Visual with elements of the new TransAkcija visual identity, including their new logo and colours.

Release of TransAkcija's New Visual Identity & Website | 30 October 2023

TransAkcija's new website and visual identity are out — and we are living for it! Check out their brand new look and explore their new website to discover the beautiful goal they have achieved together as a united team. About the launch, TransAkcija said:

"What we may be trying to show with our neat new outfit is how it is patched together with the creative threads of all of us who are part of this community. Inspired from within and in the flood of diversity, we have been looking for something that clearly defines us as an entity that doesn't like to define itself too much - except where and when it needs to.
And we found ourselves: Not only between the blue and pink but between dildo pink, loud purple, and goblin green; Not only with an underscore highlighted but with as much space as we want for a deliberate leakage from underneath, behind and beyond; and with three distinct oddities - to conceal, to reveal, and to always find each other in the crowd."

Picture of a TransAkcija team member in front of a mic at the TransAkcija launch event, with a roll up in the new visual identity behind them.

Launch Event | 2 November 2023

In early November, TransAkcija popped up in a busy Ljubljana bar, where they launched the new look for the first time and kicked off the #TransFormacije festival all dressed up in a fancy new visual identity. Their new jazzy font called out slogans from a whole series of new stickers, their resident design guru Niko ditched Figma and grabbed a DJ mixer, and the venue served cocktails in the colours of their new visual identity!

Congratulations, TransAkcija!

IGLYO is extremely proud of the hard work achieved by the whole TransAkcija team and volunteers as part of their IGLYO Grants Project 2023. We strongly believe that their outstanding and cutting-edge new visual identity and website will allow them to have even more impact for our communities in Slovenia and beyond.

If you haven't checked it out yet, go see it for yourself on transakcija.si. 💜💚💖

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This project is led by TransAkcija, supported by the IGLYO Grants Programme 2023 and funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.

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