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IGLYO Grants Stories: Szimpozion & LGBTQI Young People in Hungary

September 16, 2023

About this IGLYO Grants project

In 2023, IGLYO provided financial and technical support to 3 Member Organisations through our brand new IGLYO Grants Programme. Our Member Szimpozion Association dedicated their IGLYO Grants 2023 project to supporting LGBTQI young people in Hungary by contrasting the current anti-LGBTQI climate in the country.

To this end, they offered training and capacity-building opportunities to new volunteers, and spread information and awareness among the broader public. More specifically, Szimpozion's project achieved the following activities:

  • Facilitating a training programme for future facilitators of their awareness-raising and sensitisation workshops, aspiring to reach out to a broad audience of young people over 18.
  • Organising an internal training and team retreat for new volunteers and members who joined the association in 2022 and 2023;
  • Building community spaces for LGBTQIA+ people over 18 to create a safe space, develop a platform to interact, and find and support resilience in the hostile anti-LGBTQIA+ climate of Hungary; 
  • Running an online video campaign to support and promote their activities.

IGLYO congratulates them for the many achievements of this project, and are proud to have supported them along the way to complete this crucial mission.

Grant Amount & Budget: €10,000 | Duration: 15 June - 15 November 2023

Some Highlights from Szimpozion’s Journey

Picture of the Szimpozion Team in an outdoor space with Pride Flags.

July 2023 | Workshops in Debrecen and Kecskemé

In July 2023, Szimpozion organised two public interactive workshops in Hungary: The first one on 22 July in Debrecen, the second largest city of Hungary, in collaboration with the local LGBTQI group Cíviscolors; and the second one on 29 July 2023 in Kecskemét, in collaboration the local LGBTQIA+ group Cifra Közösség. 

Both workshops were attended by LGBTQI people and their families. As a main topic, they talked about coming out and what are the different perspectives of this process as an LGBTQI person and as a parent.

Visual with a polaroid frame in which there are pictures of IGLYO’s Programmes Manager Viola presenting the workshop in a room with around 25 participants.

September 2023 | Workshop with IGLYO in Budapest

In early September, our Programmes Manager Viola visited our Member Organisation Szimpozion in Budapest, Hungary.

She presented IGLYO activities and projects, and discussed the situation of LGBTQI rights in Hungary and Italy with the audience.

Group photo of the participants of the workshop at the Pécs festival.

September 2023 | Internal Training and Retreat for New Volunteers and Members

Training and workshops were the flagship activity of Szimpozion's IGLYO Grants Project 2023. One of them was organised over two days in Pécs, Hungary, and included participation in the Pécs Pride march.\

Promotional Videos for Szimpozion's Video Blog

As part of their project, Szimpozion created a total of three videos to promote the aims and mission of their organisation to their various audiences in Hungary. The videos are available here, here and here.

Congratulations, Szimpozion!

IGLYO is extremely proud of Szimpozion's achievements through their IGLYO Grants project 2023. With this project, they managed to offer a wide array of training and capacity-building opportunities to new volunteers and local LGBTQI young people above 18 years old, while spreading information about their work and raising awareness among the broader public on a national scale, thus reinforcing their establishment as a reference organisation for LGBTQI young people in Hungary.

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This project is led by the Szimpozion Association, supported by the IGLYO Grants Programme 2023, and funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.

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